We take a huge amount of pride in producing delicious meat for your table. We have a small Hereford suckler herd and a small flock of sheep. We have lamb available in July/August. And beef at various times throughout the year.

Our herd of Hereford Cows, bull and followers go out to pasture around about the end of March. We don’t leave them out all year because we like to keep an eye on them when they are calving and the ground around here has a high clay content so it would get poached by their heavy hoofs. When the cattle are in the sheds during the late winter through to early spring they eat our grass silage. This means that all of our meat is 100% grass reared.

We give a money back guarantee to all of our customers so if you aren’t happy with anything that you eat, if it’s not as good as you thought it would be or you just feel disappointed we will give you your money back (and collect what remains).
Click here to contact us for current dates on availability of fresh lamb and beef 

If you are local and are happy to have beef and lamb from our freezer we have some available throughout the year.

A whole lamb is typically £140, £75 for a half and £40 for a quarter all packed ready for the freezer.

Our Beef Offer

Share with friends, family, neighbours and enjoy the best beef you have ever tasted - money back guaranteed!

Approx 15kgs £200
10 kgs of mince/stew/slow roasts/shin
5 kgs of prime e.g. fillet, rump, sirloin, topside, rib
It will take up approx 2 freezer draws

This means that you are basically paying £10 per kg for the mince and stew and £20 on average for the prime cuts.

Hung for 35 days. Vacuum packed and labeled for neatness in the freezer.